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If I had to choose one word to describe my education and experience – that word would be diversity.  I have worked in the Human Resource and Payroll industry for over twenty years.  In that 20 years I have performed numerous roles related to human resources and payroll.  My first introduction to payroll started in 1988 when I joined the Marine Corps.  I was a military payroll specialist for 6 years.  After leaving the Marine Corps in 1994, I entered the civilian job market and performed several roles – payroll coordinator, payroll accounting specialist, and HR/Payroll analyst.  It was during this time that I was introduced to ERP implementations.  I participated on a PeopleSoft payroll implementation at ProStaff, a large temporary staffing agency, and an Oracle implementation at Jefferson Properties, a multi-family residential property management company.    Unfortunately, these implementations had many issues which required working till the wee hours of the morning and numerous weekends.  However, I think these experiences prepared me to understand just how difficult implementations can be and what effect they have on the client and the end-users.

In fact, the Oracle implementation at Jefferson Property resulted in the majority of the payroll staff quitting due to the demands of the implementation.  The only two people left in the department were the payroll supervisor and me.  I had to learn everything about processing Oracle payroll in a SC10.7 environment.  Although the implementation was extremely difficult, it afforded me the opportunity to learn a great deal about Oracle payroll.After learning Oracle payroll, I took the leap into consulting.  My first consulting project was a PeopleSoft payroll implementation at Raytheon.  Since that first consulting project, I have focused almost exclusively on the Oracle HRMS suite.  For the first several years as an Oracle consultant, most of my projects dealt with Oracle payroll.  However, in the past few years I have also implemented Oracle Human Resources, iRecruitment, Time and Labor and Learning Management.

I have been an Oracle HRMS/Payroll consultant now for 14 years.  I have worked on numerous projects and have performed numerous roles as an Oracle HRMS/Payroll consultant, including implementing (Oracle HRMS, Oracle Payroll, Oracle iRecruitment, Oracle Time and Labor, Employee and Manager Self-Service and Oracle Learning Management), year-end W2 processing, end-user training, documentation, problem resolution, tax filing, etc.

I have been very fortunate in that my life experiences in the Marine Corps and working in the civilian world have given me an unique perspective.  The Marine Corps taught me discipline, leadership and attention to detail.  I excelled in the Marine Corps – promoted 4 times in 5 years reaching the rank of sergeant in 4½ years, I was selected NCO of the Month and NCO of the Quarter,  I was a member of the Color Guard (carried the Marine Corps flag in parades) served on Burial Detail, I was an Honor Graduate of Sergeant’s Course and was ranked 4th in Squad Leaders School .  While in the Marine Corps I also completed my Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Hawaii Pacific University.

My experience as an Oracle HRMS/Payroll consultant has given me exposure to many different companies in several industries.  Being a consultant for the past 10 years, this isn’t my first time to the rodeo.  I have learned a great deal about project management and working with users from all over the country and the world (including Saudi Arabia and Mexico)  I have learned to work productively with all types of personalities.

My strength as an Oracle consultant is a combination of my Marine Corps training and my experience in the civilian world.  I understand and empathize with the end-users, but I also understand the objectives and priorities of project management and higher management.  It is the diversity and breadth of my experience and knowledge that makes me a successful Oracle consultant.

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